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Lastest news:
25 May 2018
Be careful, according to GDPR changes in whois data is possible.
25 May 2018
Uploaded file and related reports will be deleted automatically after 30 days or after click to "delete" button.
21 Dec 2017
GoDaddy did some changes and do not returning full data any more. We trying to find solution.
09 Oct 2017
Bulk processing was very slow today, fixed.
07 Oct 2017
Fix for .SK and .TK
18 Aug 2017
Fixes for "pendingDelete" domains and for some TLDs.
31 Jul 2017
Improved processing for GoDaddy domains.
02 Jun 2017
Fixed issue with re-processing for bulk processing tool.
20 Feb 2017
Added support for ORG.UK and CO.UK tlds, it working only when you choosing "parsing:no" or through api_without_parsing.
12 Feb 2017
Added fields "created_time", "changed_time", "expires_time".
02 Feb 2017
We improved API and it trying to get data one more time if first try failed, but pls be ready that it will take additional time.
21 Dec 2016
Fixes for .AC.KR TLD
17 Dec 2016
Fixes for GANDI domains
11 Dec 2016
Fixes for .FI, .UA, .CN, .ML tlds
09 Dec 2016
Important fix for decrease number of "internal_error".
30 Nov 2016
Fixes for parsing "organization" data.
29 Nov 2016
50% speed up for bulk processing.
05 Nov 2016
Bulk processing: speed increased to 20%, added button "Cancel".
04 Nov 2016
Added support for .SERVICES tld.
23 Oct 2016
Fixes for .LV and .NU tlds.
20 Oct 2016
Fixes for .ME tld.
14 Sep 2016
Added support for .CF domains (because of customer request).
30 Aug 2016
Added support for .GA domains (free and paid), but whois data for all free .ga domains is poor.

Whois API web service, domain whois api in XML and JSON

Welcome to our whois api web service, it will help you to get raw and parsed domain whois data in one simple HTTP request.
You can use this API in your scripts, software. XML and JSON formatting making it accessible for Ajax request and JavaScript parsing.
It's very simple - just one HTTP request! There are tree output format: raw data (without parsing), XML structured data, JSON structured data.
Raw whois data
If you requesting raw data it's cost less than parsed data and data looking like plain text, see examples:,,,
Raw data will be useful for customer who what to pay less and do not need data parsing or already having some whois parsed. You can find more information about raw data understanding in our raw whois data guide.
Parsed whois data
If you what to use some specific fields from whois record (expiration date, email, name, organization, ...) - you need to use parsed whois data.
There are two different links, first for XML structured output and the second for JSON. There are XML structured output examples -,,, and JSON examples -,,, More information about fields structure you can find in our parsed whois data guide.

The best way to understand our service try our free online whois lookup demo.

Free Trial

This is limited offer and will be available only during fixed period. Sign Up now and get Free Trial for testing our Whois API and Whois Lookup tools.
We gift you 80 requests, do not need to purchase any subscriptions or credits. Free trial already in use after you will sign up, so you can start to test right now.

Whois API errors handling

There are several type of errors:
incorrect_secret - your API link is broken, please check it twice
disallowed - no money on your balance
incorrect_domain - requested domain name is invalid
tld_not_supported - TLD not supported (see list of supported TLD below)
internal_error - some internal service error, try to repeat request later

You do not pay money for request if error happens.
If you requesting raw whois data - error will be outputted as plaint text:

But if you requesting parsed XML whois data - error will be outputted as structured XML

JSON error will be outputted as structured JSON:

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List of supported domain zones (121 TLD)

aero,, af, ag, am, asia, at, au, be, bg, bi, biz,, br, bz, cat, ca, cc, cd, ci, cf, ch, co, club, ck,, cn, com, coop,,, cx, cz,, de, dk, edu, ee,, eu, fi, fr, ga,,, gl, gy, hk, hn,, hu, ie, info, in, ir, is, it, je, jobs,, jp, ke,, kr, kz, la, li, lt, lu, lv, md, me, mobi, ml, mx, name,, net, nl, no,, nu, online, org,,, ovh, pl, pro, pt, pw,, re, ro,, ru,, sc,,, se, services, sg, si, site, sk, space, st, su, tel, th, tk, top, tl, travel, tv, tw, ua,,,,, us,, uz, vc, ve, website, ws, xyz,

Notice: feel free to contact us if you need to use domain zone that not present in current list, we do not include some domain zones because we thinking that it will be useless.

Terms of Service

By using of this service you agree with our terms. Our service - just tool that help customer to submit request to whois database.
My-Addr Project not responsible for whois data use, all responsibility for data use taken by customer, fetched data can be used only for lawful cases.

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