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1 Jun
We added invoices for crypto payments on
5 Apr
Tomorrow our service will be not available during 2 hours.[done]
3 Apr
CH domains are not supported anymore. Fix for MX domains.
9 Jan
Starting from 15.02.2024 we will accept only BTC and LTC payments.
3 Jan
We start to accept Bitcoin and Litecoin payments.
4 May 2020
Fixed problem with authorization on site (problem appears on weekend, API was not affected).
27 Apr 2020
Fixed: empty output in API, not parsed data for some cases of xml and json results, partly restored .XYZ processing. Decreased percent of "empty" data.
12 Nov 2019
Added support for .best, .io tlds.
24 June 2019
Starting from 1 of July we starting to remove all files and reports that are older then 15 days from moment when processing was finished (now is 30 days).
21 June 2019
Fix for domains.
17 June 2019
Improved functionality for work with "old style" tcp servers.
14 Jun 2019
Today we moving service to new server, please contact support in case of any problems.
20 Jan 2019
Added support for .my,,, zones.
25 May 2018
Be careful, according to GDPR changes in whois data is possible.
25 May 2018
Uploaded file and related reports will be deleted automatically after 30 days or after click to "delete" button.
21 Dec 2017
GoDaddy did some changes and do not returning full data any more. We trying to find solution.
09 Oct 2017
Bulk processing was very slow today, fixed.
07 Oct 2017
Fix for .SK and .TK
18 Aug 2017
Fixes for "pendingDelete" domains and for some TLDs.

Parsed and structured whois data guide, fields

As you can see in raw whois data guide, whois record can have different format and it's uncomfortably in some cases.
Example: some customer having 300 domains and he need to know when each domain will expire, but whois domain records can have different format...
Our structured (parsed) data helping to find necessary information, so customer can do not worry where to find domain's expiration date.
The best way to understand how it working - try different domains and modes on online whois lookup demo, it's free tool.

Structure of parsed whois data

For registered domain name
structure of parsed whois data
You can also see XML data that was downloaded through our Whois API:,,,
For not registered domain name
structure of parsed whois data

Description of fields and data format

bodyincluding all data
body.whois_recordconsist of raw whois data that fetched from TLD registrar whois server
body.domain.registeredinformation about domain registration - "yes" or "no"
body.domain.namerequested domain name (,,...)
body.domain.statusdomain status in registrar database(ok, pending,...)
body.domain.createddate when domain was registered (YYYY-MM-DD)
body.domain.created_timestamptime and timezone related to "created" (HH:MM:SS or HH:MM:SS TIMEZONE) (added 13 Feb 2017)
body.domain.changeddate when domain record was changed (YYYY-MM-DD)
body.domain.changed_timestamptime and timezone related to "changed" (HH:MM:SS or HH:MM:SS TIMEZONE) (added 13 Feb 2017)
body.domain.expiresdate when domain will expire (YYYY-MM-DD)
body.domain.expires_timestamptime and timezone related to "expires" (HH:MM:SS or HH:MM:SS TIMEZONE) (added 13 Feb 2017)
body.domain.nserverlist of NS servers linked with this domain (,,...)
body.domain.sponsordomain's registrar organization (,,...)
body.domain.handlehandle of registrar
body.domain.contact_emailcontact email taken from one of records: owner, admin ,tech, billing (
body.domain.contact_personcontact name or organization taken from same record as contact_email (John Parker, Deposit Inc.)
body.owner.namename of domain owner/registrant (John Parker, Jack Perison,...)
body.owner.organizationorganization that is owner/registrant of domain (Deposit Inc., Public Seller,...)
body.owner.handlehandle of registrant
body.owner.emailemail address of registrant
body.owner.phonephone number of registrant
body.owner.faxfax number of registrant
body.owner.address.not_parsedpart of address that was not assigned as street, zip, city, state, country
body.owner.address.streetowner's street
body.owner.address.cityowner's city
body.owner.address.stateowner's state
body.owner.address.zipowner's zip code
body.owner.address.countryowner's country name or code
body.owner.raw_textoriginal raw data from owner's block
body.adminsame data structure as domain.owner but this data about domain's administrator
body.techsame data structure as domain.owner but about technical responsible person/organization
body.billingsame data structure as domain.owner but about billing responsible person/organization
Notice: sometimes raw whois data can be filled wrong, so parsed data can be incorrect according to incorrect raw data,
our service not responsible if such data will be parsed incorrect. (example of wrong whois data)
Notice: we do not responsible for incorrect data parsing if contacts or address information going as raw text
and without field names. (example of data without field names)
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List of supported domain zones (121 TLD)

aero,, af, ag, am, asia, at, au, be, best, bg, bi, biz,, br, bz, cat, ca, cc, cd, ci, cf, co, club, ck,, cn, com, coop,,, cx, cz,, de, dk, edu, ee,, eu, fi, fr, ga,,, gl, gy, hk, hn,, hu, ie, io, info, in, ir, is, it, je, jobs,, jp, ke,, kr, kz, la, li, lt, lu, lv, md, me, mobi, ml, mx, my,,,, name,, net, nl, no,, nu, online, org,,, ovh, pl, pro, pt, pw,, re, ro,, ru,, sc,,, se, services, sg, si, site, sk, space, st, su, tel, th, tk, top, tl, travel, tv, tw, ua,,,,, us,, uz, vc, ve, website, ws, xyz,

Notice: feel free to contact us if you need to use domain zone that not present in current list, we do not include some domain zones because we thinking that it will be useless.

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