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Lastest news:
20 Feb 2017
Added support for ORG.UK and CO.UK tlds, it working only when you choosing "parsing:no" or through api_without_parsing.
12 Feb 2017
Added fields "created_time", "changed_time", "expires_time".
02 Feb 2017
We improved API and it trying to get data one more time if first try failed, but pls be ready that it will take additional time.
21 Dec 2016
Fixes for .AC.KR TLD
17 Dec 2016
Fixes for GANDI domains
11 Dec 2016
Fixes for .FI, .UA, .CN, .ML tlds
09 Dec 2016
Important fix for decrease number of "internal_error".
30 Nov 2016
Fixes for parsing "organization" data.
29 Nov 2016
50% speed up for bulk processing.
05 Nov 2016
Bulk processing: speed increased to 20%, added button "Cancel".
04 Nov 2016
Added support for .SERVICES tld.
23 Oct 2016
Fixes for .LV and .NU tlds.
20 Oct 2016
Fixes for .ME tld.
14 Sep 2016
Added support for .CF domains (because of customer request).
30 Aug 2016
Added support for .GA domains (free and paid), but whois data for all free .ga domains is poor.
16 Aug 2016
Upgraded parsing of billing data and added support for .PW, .ML, .CLUB (by customer request).
10 Aug 2016
Added support for .online, .space, .site, .website (by customer request).
06 Aug 2016
Fixed processing for .PRO domains.
01 Aug 2016
Speed up for script that generating results for bulk tool.
11 July 2016
Whois for .XYZ not working because of issue on, we also confim this problem on site.
05 July 2016
Little changes in design of bulk upload form.
26 June 2016
Added support for .ovh .top .xyz domains.
22 June 2016
Some speed up of "re-processing" for domains where related whois server do not responding with correct reply from first try.
30 May 2016
GoDaddy's whois server overloaded and sometimes returning no data, we configured our service for do multiple request and show "internal_error" if no data from GoDaddy.
26 May 2016
Site moved to HTTPS, security of our customers - our priority.

Online Bulk Whois lookup, bulk whois check, bulk domain lookup

My-Addr Project already have several of bulk services, but whois data looking not well if we talking about display whois records for 1000 domains.
Different customers prefer different out put format for bulk whois lookup - some customer want to get expire date only, second need owner information and the third - fool data in XML file. That is why we propose our customer to choose output format for bulk whois data check.
So you need to choose output format and contact us. Our offer not accessible if you going to check only low number of domains.
Prices for bulk whois lookup the same cheap as for all other tools, it cost 2.5 - 0.46 USD per 1000 domains, see our whois pricing.
Click for Access Whois in two easy steps!
It's the cheapest offer for hosted whois service

List of supported domain zones (121 TLD)

aero,, af, ag, am, asia, at, au, be, bg, bi, biz,, br, bz, cat, ca, cc, cd, ci, cf, ch, co, club, ck,, cn, com, coop,,, cx, cz,, de, dk, edu, ee,, eu, fi, fr, ga,,, gl, gy, hk, hn,, hu, ie, info, in, ir, is, it, je, jobs,, jp, ke,, kr, kz, la, li, lt, lu, lv, md, me, mobi, ml, mx, name,, net, nl, no,, nu, online, org,,,, ovh, pl, pro, pt, pw,, re, ro,, ru,, sc,,, se, services, sg, si, site, sk, space, st, su, tel, th, tk, top, tl, travel, tv, tw, ua,,,,, us,, uz, vc, ve, website, ws, xyz,

Notice: feel free to contact us if you need to use domain zone that not present in current list, we do not include some domain zones because we thinking that it will be useless.

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