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Welcome to our hosted online whois lookup service

Hosted Online Whois Lookup service returns raw and parsed whois data in XML and JSON format. You do not need to worry about query limits or different whois data formatting. This service support 115 TLD (domain zones) and consist of two tools for whois data reading:
  • whois api - we provide API to parsed and raw whois data, just one simple HTTP request provide whois record for you
  • online whois lookup - simple tool that allow you to input domain name, push button, and see domains's whois record
  • bulk whois lookup - you uploading TXT or CSV file (one domain per line) and getting XLSX file with results.
Our service speed is 200,000 domains per day.


Our domain whois lookup service is one of most cheapest in Internet.
  • parsed whois data (xml and json structured whois record) - 2.50 USD per 1,000 domains (0.0025 USD per domain!!!)
  • raw whois data (plaint text whois record) - 1.63 USD per 1,000 domains (0.0016 USD per domain!!!)
Discounts: price rate linked with number of domains that you already check, so if you will check more then 2,000 domains it will be cheaper for all other domains.
You can read more about pricing model and discounts on our whois pricing page. If you going to check more than 2,000 domains you can contact us and get discount before checking.

Free Trial

This is limited offer and will be available only during fixed period. Sign Up now and get Free Trial for testing our Whois API and Whois Lookup tools.
We gift you 80 requests, do not need to purchase any subscriptions or credits. Free trial already in use after you will sign up, so you can start to test right now.

At least 14 reasons for use our whois web service

  • Very cheap price, we do find any other service that take 2.5 USD per 1,000 domains
  • Free Trial for test our service and implement it to your application
  • Discounts for customers who what to check big amount of domains, up to 0.7 USD per 1000 domains
  • Pay only for correct result, you do not pay if you get error message
  • XML and JSON structured whois record can be easy used anywhere
  • All our services accessible through standard HTTP protocol, you will not experience troubles if port 43 firewalled
  • Simple interface for all tools, ICQ and email customer support
  • No Whois data caching, all requests going live and you getting fresh whois data
  • Whois API can be used for check domain name for registration available
  • Domain's created, changed, expires dates outputting in normalized format, no problem with parsing
  • Original raw data from common whois blocks - "owner","admin","tech","billing"
  • We fetch all whois data about domain, including date from whois registry referral chains
  • We can provide additional services or custom data format according to customer request
  • My-Addr Project provide online services that already trusted in Internet
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It's the cheapest offer for hosted whois service

List of supported domain zones (118 TLD)

aero,, af, ag, am, asia, at, au, be, bg, bi, biz,, br, bz, cat, ca, cc, cd, ch, ci, co, ck,, cn, com, coop,,, cx, cz,, de, dk, edu, ee,, eu, fi, fr,,, gl, gy, hk, hn,, hu, ie, info, in, ir, is, it, je, jobs,, jp, ke,, kr, kz, la, li, lt, lu, lv, md, me, mobi, mx, name,, net, ng, nl, no,, nu, org,,,, pl, pro, pt,, re, ro,, ru,, sc,,, se, sg, si, sk, st, su, tel, th, tk, tl, travel, tv, tw, ua,,,,, us,, uz, vc, ve, ws,

Notice: feel free to contact us if you need to use domain zone that not present in current list, we do not include some domain zones because we thinking that it will be useless.

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